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Genres : Animation Comedy
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2005
Episode Runtime : 15 m.

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Robot Chicken is an American stop-motion claymation comedy television series created and executive produced by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich along with co-head writers Douglas Goldstein and Tom Root. The writers, especially Green, also provide many of the voices. Senreich, Goldstein and Root were formerly writers for the popular action figure hobbyist magazine ToyFare, which has won an Annie Award and three Emmy Awards.
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The parts are there, it's just that no one bothered to piece them together properly...
3 /10
In theory, i should love this show. I love crazy drawn out jokes, a la Family Guy, parody and random, nonsensical humor, a la Tim and Eric's awesome ...
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If he can talk, he can party!
Robot Chicken is hands down, undisputed, the most entertaining late night stop motion animation sketch comedy show on Cartoon Networks adult swim blo ...
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One of the funniest shows on TV
I first saw this show in the corner of a Glory Days Bar&Grill while I was watching the NCAA tournament. Even without the volume I could tell that it ...
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Chicken Robot rocks!
I discovered Chicken Robot when mistakenly awaiting for ATHF to come on Thursday night. After chiefin hardcore with some people, I was soooo confused ...
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"Say your lines, or you'll get the gas!"
1 /10
Completely random and fast-paced stop-motion animation is all what Robot Chicken is about. With every episode being the Adult Swim traditional 11 min ...
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Too funny!
9 /10
All pop culture references, and for those that don't get it or don't watch it, screw you! It's like one big inside joke! I have family members from a ...
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Some seriously funny stuff!
Oh, man! What can I say about Robot Chicken? A lot! It is the freshest, funniest most original series I have seen in quite some time! I unfortunately ...
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Robot Chicken is crazy funny beyond all others.
I'm not going to spend a very long time giving all sorts of opinions about this and that, but the bottom line is that Robot Chicken is some of the fu ...
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Idiotic...but in a good way
Seth Green (from a slew of roles, including parts on Family Guy, Austin Powers, Rat Race, and BtVS) must be brilliant for having successfully pitched ...
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Oh yes, I have seen the Robot Chicken, and it is good.
If you are a die-hard toy collector....then maybe you shouldn't watch, as toys get mutilated and destroyed. Other than that, this show is hilarious. ...
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It's insane, twisted, sick... IT'S FANTASTIC!!!
This is great! This is the best thing I've seen Cartoon Network do. Seth Green is a warped genius. This is madness in it's purest form.Robot Chicken ...
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Not Sure What Happened Here!
Frankly I saw Robot Chicken with high expectations. I had read many a review and it was all very positive. However I have no idea what the heck happe ...
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Funny word
10 /10
I think I saw this twice. This sentence is actually about the previous sentence. funny noise! non-sequitur. Oh my god this show totally rocks, except ...
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To Early To Tell
After one episode, Robot Chicken shows potential, but can go either way from here.The first episode, as most firsts, seemed like they were trying to ...
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Coded TV programming
5 /10
All MA audiences (over 45 yrs. of age)should have a translator as this program is all done in special code that you will not understand. In order to ...
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